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Saturday, May 12, 2012

ah it is good to have connections...

hi all well I have two things to announce today first my number of followers matches my age, then my new haul of scratch building goodies and Finlay some other connections that equal going to the movies... so first up the followers.

on this blog I always knew right from the start followers would be important. I needed them to help with these crazy ideas I keep having (less of late due to head cold). so the number of followers reaching my age is quite a special moment. Captain Richard's miniature Civil War is my new follower, from captain Richards miniature civil war. though I assume many of you passed this milestone without batting an eyelid.

now onto more important issues... my latest gifts.

thanks to Pete a family friend I get the occasional delivery of foam core. though I only got a bit the first time and did not expect to get more yesterday I got a knock on the door and low and behold Pete with an armful of foam core and card. all different thicknesses as well. one piece was the same as the stuff I got before but the rest is thicker or thinner... so lets take a look at this pile of greatness...
by bed may not be the home of this stuff but with the table being used  to make ginger bread men it'll do

thicker on the left thinner on the right. the paper at the back is some very fine sand paper.

this is the thick foam core... great for bunker walls or as you will see one day soon, boat hulls.
so there is the surprise gift now onto the movies, last week I had that terrible cold which made me miss school. but it also made me miss going to the movies with my friends family for his birthday. But they knew that I wanted to go and reshuffled the trip up to Auckland. it was a good time even before we went in. we went into toy world which despite the name has a great little selection of models, then we went into the cinema to see.... The Avengers. I really enjoyed it, still have to decide who was my favourite, we watched it in 2D and for once I felt that watching it in 2D was the right thing to do, unlike other recent movies where there are shots just to make the 3D audiance go WOW. so thanks guys.

P.S they are fans of the other blog and started one of their own... but that is for another post. but let me tell you they were excited to see my works first hand and really enjoyed it. so maybe if I go to a wargame any time soon I'll bring those boards along.


  1. Captain Richard's Miniature Civil War is AAAAAAAAAAAA....Mazing! I recall seeing it some while back. Can't think why I didn't join it. Hiatus maxime deflendus - I'll do something about it at once.

    1. well I just joined as well. maybe it was better for hime that he followed my blog when he did