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Saturday, May 5, 2012

modern streets post8 board complete

well there we go. it is done at last. it's been a long hard project and I assure you that more will be done but for now these 2 boards will do. I'll wait a few weeks before I start a new one.
with the slums going in the 2nd board is full time to party.

they may not be as grand as the church but who cares they are done

blue and yellow just to add some colour

and the whole board. you can see how it takes up the whole table

can you spot the guys in the church tower. or are you all focused on the crisps (chips).
well I am done for now. I have got ideas for a market and a police HQ. also I am planning on adding an embassy district (maybe with the HQ) so Franonia, Rayonia and Harad and others. send me your emissaries as Oronegro welcomes the world.


  1. Very nice. Chips look really good too.

  2. Gowan,your buildings are great. Sorry it took me a while to find your blog! Great projects you have.

    1. thats fine. so long as you find it I am more than happy. thanks for your kind comments

  3. Very nice work. Gaming with that terrain looks like it would be fun.