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Monday, May 28, 2012

Last war Chronicles

now I am an active member on a few forums around on the web... and one of them is that all famous one the Wargamers Guild... now recently I asked a questions there. the ones I normally ask here, but of coarse the greater audience there got immediate response... I asked what AFV's I should get, what would be recommended, etc, etc. and yet one of the things that came up was another members made up near future scenario... last war chronicles now the last war Chronicles is a really quite apocalyptic scenario, not what I want for Oronegro but still cool and inspirational. just look at these pictures from the site it is some pretty cool stuff.
this is the robotic army not my cup of tea but I do like a handful of droids running around causing caos
more dangerous russians than you can wave a M16 at
they look dangerous and appear to have the equipment I want for my oronegrians
and of coarse the USA love it or leave it... basicaly part of his story as well
I must say I am rather fond of this scenario as it draws allot of parrallels to my own story. the idea of a south american country erupting into civil war a new nation which then is tawn appart is quite nice. that and I love the idea of a few zombies and aliens... the robots only a handful in the sewers and rebel secret bunkers perhaps.


  1. Stuff from outside one's own range of interests can be inspirational, especially when they are not far outside. I don't really do moderns, but your own Oronegro and 'Evil Uncle Brian's' Harad projects have rekindled my interest in developing my 'Latin Wars' - a similar scheme, but with WW2 technology. I'll probably call them something else in the end, but idea will remain the same.

    1. agreed I really like your works as well, those recent games were great.