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Thursday, May 3, 2012

currently reading... Soviet war power (the school library is a gold mine)

well as the title state I am reading soviet war power. first some formalities... the book was first published by salamander books LTD in 1980 and then Corgi (this edition) in 1982... OK got that out of the way. I got this book out from the college library today after browsing through it for the last few weeks just when I got a chance. needless to say that this is one of those books that is not your common read these days. the school obviously has a good library or a terrible one (mostlikley terrible) because I have not seen this book, nor it's sister book "American War power" which the school has, anywhere esle. clearly the school is either getting these awsome books in or it got them years ago and has not bothered to get rid of them (I think the latter).

BUT I called my school library a gold mine...
that is because it not only has the books stated but others too;

  • modern British and European fighter aircraft (old)
  • Modern wheeled AFV's (very good and broad but still old)
  • submarines (I have not looked at)
  • The fighting man (not looked at yet)
  • How weapons work (and they have this at a school???)
  • American air power?
of coarse it has far more than that but for me currently these books are useful....but there is way more like for you ancient fans there is the fantastic Greece and Rome at war. I must say that the fiction section is bland but the reference books look quite good.

so what to I hope to do?
well look at what would be cool for Oronegro's army of coarse. and maybe making a few rules

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