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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've added a poll

well look up in the top right corner of this blog and you'll see a little poll. you can select all you want, please note that the first vote by me was on "more sleep" I have had a busy weekend but more on that later :-D

just a qick post what I will say is that I am thinking of allowing others to post on this site to really open up the thinking atmosphere


  1. You left out an option: 'all of the above'. I would have voted for that one. :-)

  2. well if I did all of the above my work load would be huge... I am just prioritising... yes somone else voted for sleep more!!! just the funny option but I wonder if I can use it at home to get out of doing things... "james can you take the rubbish out?" "no. the people have said I should sleep more" :-P