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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP El San Francisco 2

Well here is a little update on the ship I am building as you can see I have done mast placement, rudder and the prow. The masts have not been glued in. That is so I can remove them plater so I don't poke my eyes out. Just a small update but it means only a few parts of the structure remain and I can soon move onto cladding it in planking.
Being white makes it hard to get good photographs of the ship due to the light but here she is.

The string was just to hold the prow in place as it glued. Will be removed soon

Again lighting is a pain but you get the overall shape with this one.

And the rear cabin and rudder here almost done apart from the roof.
Well that's it for this post. I'll do the next one once I have moved into planking it. By that point I'll be covered in PVA glue and regretting ever getting into this hobby.

Anway that's it for now. Have a good day/night everyone. :-)


  1. No Comments! Bah Humbug! Let me be the first one then to congratulate you upon some fine Scratch building. The Ship looks as though she would handle well once at sea. Are you planing to rig her out with plenty of guns? Well Done Ship Mate. BB

    1. That is most definitely the plan. 8 guns so not a huge armament but El San Francisco will still be the only one able to go toe to toe with the mighty Abigail.