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Friday, January 1, 2016

Doubling the Fleet!

"Capt. we need to double the size of the fleet!" Well it's pretty self explanatory isn't it. I currently have 4 boats (3 river boats, 1 sloop) and my goal for this year will be to end the year with 8. But what shall those boats be? I don't want to make more small ones, at least not many. So if the current ratio is 3 small to one big let these new models be 1 small 3 big!

maybe this is a little over-ambitious?

El Francisco / San Francisco:
 The final of my small boats. Named for long time follower, the angry lurker himself Francis Lee. Pirate vessel? Trader? Naval ship? or Fishing boat? I'll let the man himself decide. I already have a hull ready and prepared for this one so it shouldn't take too long once I get my materials together.
The hull appears to be similar to those for the ships I already made, perhaps a little bigger.

La Tigre:
This one is going to be big, perhaps a sixth rate or trading vessel? Named after my Aunt Hillary (her nickname is Tig/Tigger from Winnie the Poo). This vessel will join the Abigail as the pride of my model fleet until an even bigger one comes along. :-)

I might make one a little smaller than this, around the 43cm (17in) mark.
St Michael:
Named for a man with whom I have traded many figures. A fine Fluyt for my Dutch friend. This vessel will not be as large as La Tigre but more complex with removable decks to allow figures to go at multiple levels. I will try to use my snapping shut method for these but it will take more time to do.

These are beautiful ships, the lines are very nice.
El Santiago:
Finally a really big one, for if I get through the others in one year (a very ambitious aim). This one is named for yours' truly or rather the Spanish version of my middle name (my vanity can only go so far). I'm planning a fifth rate for this one! 1 1/2 to 2 decks with lots of gun ports for the full broadside experience. I have no clue where we are going to store this model but it will be the pride of my fleet.
Pirates better beware of this mighty ship!
 Will these be all the ships I make? NO of course not! Will this actually take me a year? Right now I am erring towards longer (I don't have much time at home to build them). Can I have a ship named after me? Why yes, if you ask nicely. Being a subscriber for my blog(s) does help. Can you build me a ship? Well probably not, all my work takes an indefinite amount of time (no fixed times) and I haven't yet designed a model which can be taken apart and put back together for transport (wouldn't be able to mail it). But if you could pick it up perhaps, but only if we play a game with them first (I need a ruleset, may need to make one).

Anyway model ships are the pride of my collection and I want to build more. If you ever stumble across some nice plans or juicy informative pictures of some fine vessels please send them my way. But apart from the obvious needing to get on with them (and a mountain of figures) that is all for these vessels for now.

have a good day/night!

P.S. if anyone sees that set of Hät Marines and sailors for sale let me know. They'd make good crew men.


  1. Gowan,I find great interest in your ship building topics,and it will be great to see how you finish them off.That was a very good tip on how not to lose an eye. Perhaps i will see you on Benno`s or come visit my blog you will be most welcome. BB

    1. I have just subscribed to your blog :-) I may not make them so big probably smaller frigates than a full blown fifth rate (couldn't put it anywhere). But I do want to build BIG.