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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Amassing a large force

Well the name says it all. after two years of not buying figs I went on a bit of a spree in the last few days getting all sorts of figs for the 18th century Oronegrean project. Most of these figs will arrive in the coming weeks but I thought I'd give you all a preview of what will be coming and what will eventually be painted up. 

Lets start with my latest purchases. IMEX Pioneers and Pilgrims.
These two sets will give Oronegro it's civilian population as well as a few militia figures for good measure. Mainly I got them for their civilian aspect so that I may bring Oronegro to life. (they'll also make good victims in a raid).

Next up let's look at some pirates. These guys will crew the Abigail and eventually the other pirate ships I small be building (the rude joke is planned and in construction). These guys are from Orion although I hope one day to get other pirate figures perhaps some Marz or LW ones if I feel in need of removing flash.
Arrr me hearties.
The remaining figures are from Caesar and need a bit of explanation. First we have the conquistador set. This is the most obvious as it clearly relates to Oronegro's founding. In addition these guys could be specialist troops for later periods who deal with native troops and therefore generally need armour. They could be used in other ways too. All they need is a story behind them.
A useful set and one I have wanted for a very long time.
Now things get plain odd. First up is a set of Caesar's Ninja and Samurai. Now before you leave this page going "He's lost it" bare with me. Oronegro is known to be founded by European and to a minor extent North African outcasts. As Oronegro grew in power it spread it's often clandestine influence across the globe trying to take in outcasts from elsewhere. Therefore during the Sengoku Period in Japan some Samurai outcasts and Ninja took their chances and made the Journey to Oronegro. The Ninja's skills were quickly recognised and were asked to train a new Oronegrean unit - Los Angeles Negros. I'll clear up the story later.
These guys will fit in to Oronegro or I am not as mad as I say I am
Finally a little speciality set. Caesar's Journey to the West set. My sister say me looking at this one and asked me to get it. So I obliged. This one is special set and perhaps it represents a little parade group for a festival celebration in La Ley. So perhaps there is a small group of settlers from the far east living in Oronegro.
These guys are going to be fun to paint.
Well that's all for now. I'd love your ideas for what some of these figures could be. And if you have any suggestions for what I should get next. Perhaps I need to explore what to do to expand Oronegro's armed forces.


  1. It's maybe a bit crazy, but I like it. :)
    I love pulp.

    1. Thanks. The figures will begin arriving soon. I'm aiming to paint once I move back up to Auckland so this year I'll still be able to paint up these figures.

  2. Those last figs from Caesar are very nice, will have to get me some. good idea taking the figs and paint. will you still blog?

    1. That's what I hope to do. Of course anything will appear on the other blog but I'll try and post regular WIPs on this blog.

  3. Those last figs from Caesar are very nice, will have to get me some.

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