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Friday, May 17, 2013

Pics from Zvezda - hot war figs

My first Reaction = YAY pics, let me see, let me see!
My Second Reaction = WOW awesome! these are great. gimmie, gimmie gimmie.
My Third Reaction = Why won't they do a large set :-(

anyway here are the pics... I'll let you decide what you think
the Soviets, by far the best in plastic! but a pitiful amount... but still excellent
Well first up its the Russians! and Wow. great stuff, the only Russians available for the era (1980's) in plastic is limited to Spetnaz (esci/italeri) and Airfix (small figures, and not that detailed). These guys are a great addition to that small list. My only complaint is that there is not a full set! but beggars can't be choosers, but still is this small set going to compete with so much metal?
again excellent but we already have a good set from Esci!
Next up its the USA, again great figs! However these figs have competition... Esci has a set of troops and these have recently been reissued by Italeri. once again Why not a full set?
a BTR-80 (please tell me I got that right)
Now for a kit! yet if its like the other at of tactic vehicles this will be 1/100 scale and not 1/72 and so no use to me.

Well there we go! some pics of some great figs, but the quantity is the issue even if the quality is amazing. still its on the list but knowing how prices work these figs won't be building up my armies any time soon. Also my other complaint is; Where is the NATO troops from other nations? and the same for the WARSAW pact nations. are we only going to get a few sets??? I guess keep your eyes on the news and on PSR. but from me that is all.


  1. I like them. Well sculpted and great poses. Prices are getting horrible since shipping and customs fees went up.

    1. I don't think prices are going to come down soon, but if the prices of oil go down, perhaps plastics will get cheaper also. so perhaps there is some hope.

      we'll see.

  2. Hey Gowan,

    I might be able to sent you some if you want. But than you have to wait a bit longer. Just tell me what to do. Chat to you soon on Benno's figures!


    1. don't worry about that. and Yes I'll try and chat with you soon.

  3. I'm not a fan of this kind of sets, but I see some possebilities in their samourai range!
    Thanks for sharing Gowan!