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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Plans and dreams 2017

Now you may be wondering why I posted a picture of the sky. Well it's because many of the projects I am going to talk about are up in the air right now with only a few concrete ones.

So let's start with what is going on now and what I will continue in 2017
1. Is the construction of a Gunboat based off a drawing I found. It's coming along well and should be done relatively soon.
2. Oronegrean Militia! Getting close to completing these figures. No command figures for them yet. But for now any well dressed and dashing character will do.
3. Comrade Pirates. Now I really try and avoid bringing up my political beliefs here. So I hope you'll let me have this one moment of exposure. I'm a member of a socialist organisation and I decided to paint up some pirate figures for the other members of our branch. This project is always behind as new members join and I need a few more female pirates. So this one won't really be completed this year.
4. Oronegrean Civilians. Again 18th century. I want to get a few painted up. Will be useful for raids by native tribes. (See below)
5. Project: Sanctuary Lanes. This is something that needs a whole lot of lore fleshed out for it. The idea is of refugees coming to Oronegro in secret. The first people for this are from Japan (figure wise not lore wise) I have some Samurai and Ninga for this. Lore will follow later for this project.
6. Other figures. Plenty of random figures in various stages of completion. Some only primed. Some based. Others with paint. Look out for some new enemies for Oronegro.

Now what about projects I am about to start or have got the ground work ready for.
1. A fluyt this will be an interesting build with multiple decks making construction a challenge.
2. Natives of Oronegro! Finally some interesting things. I dug up an old set of Hät Thracians, some partially painted but without primer (oh how I've learned). Anyway black paint and PVA base and I'll paint up some. I have a few being "test" painted right now to see if this idea will work. Instead of steel weapons they'll have copper and bronze (more fitting for the Americas)

Projects in planning. Or projects Gowan thinks he can do but probably shouldn't or can't do this year!
1. A Junk! This is related to project: sanctuary lanes. (Spanish name pending) this will be an interesting and exotic addition to my flotilla. A merchant vessel of reasonable size it will play the role of target in games with the pirates.
2. ONE SHIP TO RULE THEM ALL! After the Junk I probably will stop making large model ships. (Because at that point all the bookshelves and window sills at my parents place will be occupied and we'll have to move to attic storage.) But before I close down my large shipyard I want to have one last hurrah! A frigate with two decks, based off various designs incorporating all my experience and skills.  This is a dream project, one that's probably not even going to start this year. But in the world of planning 5 years is considered a short period of time so this is definitely a near future project!
3. Catamaran. In contrast to the big ships I also plan to build a small vessel. Catamarans did not really take off in the West until the late 19th century but in Oronegro this can be different. Because of their speed this vessel can have many uses.

So is that all? No probably not. In all reality I will let these projects be put on hold and try a few others.
Oh and as always if you have any figures you want to get rid of please let me know. I might be able to give them a good home.  ;-)


  1. 'Twill be interesting to see these ideas develop, Gowan. If you're thinking of a two-decker vessel as the 'jewel in the crown' of the Oronegin Navy, you might like to read C.S. Forester's first Hornblower novel, "The Happy return". I'm not thinking of Capt. Hornblower's frigate 'Lydia' so much as his adversary, the formerly Spanish ship of war 'Natividad' - 50 guns in two decks.

    The novel's a rattling good yarn, and all...

    1. Sounds fantastic. I'll have a look out for it. Oh and by two decks I meant more in the range of 30 guns. I found some interesting plans for the Argentine 'Hercules'. Although I'm thinking of combining several designs to try make a unique Oronegrean style. :-)

  2. Av 30-gun frigate is a fairly small frigates go - not much bigger than a ship-rigged sloop of war, but it would still be practically a capital ship for a small, none too wealthy emerging nation like Oronegro. Such a vessel will have most of its guns in a single deck, not counting bow and stern chasers, and perhaps the add small gun along the quarterdeck, say.
    Check this out:
    HMS Lydia would count as a 5th rate, with 36 (main) guns.

  3. Hi Gowan,

    Your ship building is always impressive and I look forward to seeing what your ship yards produce in 2017!

    As for your "Natives of Oronegro", I am very interested to see whaat you will produce. I had a quick look at PSR at the Hat Thracians, and the various Aztec, Inca, and Mayan sets listed there. With some work and imagination think the Thracians could work very well! I am curious to see how you will add in black powder weapons and bows into the mix, but ased on your past conversion work, I am sure they will look good. The 'Comrade Pirate" figure is a nice idea, although the more members you gain the bigger the backlog becomes! Good luck with sourcing pirate sets!



  4. Apologies Gowan,
    I did not realize you had moved to posting here from your other blog. I thought you had just stopped. Excuse me, I need to get to my homework at this marvelous place.

    1. I haven't posted anything in a while. I have the three blogs for my content but I unless there is content I don't post. 2017 was a much busier year than expected. I am hoping that once I complete my studies and things settle down that I will be able to set time aside.

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