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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rule making progress report.

Well I have typed up my rules and they are ready to print and test. anyway I have here an option for you. I can upload the files! yes even though I have yet to test them. the fact is I don't have much time to test my rules out what with school and all. SO Here is my proposal if you wish I can upload my Ground combat or my naval combat rule sets or both for you to try if you so wish... If I do so I'll make a big thing about it here and they'll get their own post, once you've tried the rules come back here and tell me how you found them... any constructive criticism you may have or ideas, then once I alter the rules I'll delete the old copy from on-line (to save space in my google docs) and hen post the new version both here and on my blog, if people like them well we'll see what I can do next with them.

This will be my first game... a raid upon a small stock house. A second time for the unhappy Alfred Hale who has retreated here after losing a battle to the bandits the previous day now with the remainder of his soldiers he not only has to fight for his own life but for members of the Castillo family as well who were transporting goods between San Fran and La Fortuna.
I have started using my camera again, batteries might not last long but I hope the image quality is better

the bandits, their actually my pirates and sailors but fit the role well

not many men left can Alfred hold out?
well there you go lets see what I can do for you. if you even have the slightest desire to try the rules don't be shy I need to see if they are half decent also.

greetings to Michael Peterson feel free to comment at any time on the blog I hope you enjoy watching my mad ideas progress or as is usually the case not progress.


  1. This looks great with the terrain pieces Gowan. And you've made up your own set of rules. It would be cool if loads of people started gaming with them. You'd have your own industry going!

  2. Nice pictures and building!